​​​​Mobile Application Development

  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE for working or commuting students
  • VARIED CLASS FORMATS include classroom, distance learning and online options;
  • HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE using Raspberry Pis, Android, & iOS devices
  • ​MOST COURSES RECORDED for convenient viewing online

Developing new applications and web sites for mobile platforms is experiencing tremendous growth as how people use the internet changes.  This 2 year program is designed to teach students to develop mobile applications and web sites in a variety of operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows as well as be flexible enough to add more operating systems as the market demands.  In addition to the technical skills developed in the program, students will learn how to manage projects and market their services.  Graduates will be able to enter the workforces with a  strong basic understanding of mobile application development or transfer to a four year institution to further develop their skills and advance their education.

Our flexible delivery methods, including web broadcasting and recording class sessions via WebEx, helps students with scheduling difficulties. We use various distance learning technologies to allow students to take classes from home or work. Most lectures and demonstrations are recorded so students can view them at their convenience for more clarification or review.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.