Early Childhood Special Education


Studies show that children with special needs who are included in regular education classrooms are much more successful. Those studies also show that the children who don't have identified special needs benefit just as greatly by being a part of a more inclusive classroom.

The Early Childhood Special Education Certificate is intended to better prepare regular educators to work with children in their inclusive classrooms.  It includes specific courses that will address specific needs such as Autism and Behavior Challenges.  It will also look at modifying curriculum and activities in the regular education classroom to meet the needs of all of the children.

We also realize that identifying children as early as possible and providing them the support needed is critical in their later development.  This certificate will also help you identify the 'red flags' that may indicate that a child needs further assessment.

The Early Childhood Special Education Certificate is a great addition to a new graduate entering the field of early childhood education, or an educator already in the profession who would like to be better prepared to work with children with a variety of needs.

The Early Childhood Education Advisory Board strongly recommends that anyone in the field should add this certificate to their resume.      

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