​Meet the Faculty​  

Amy Jo Maher

Amy Maher started at Ridgewater College in 1997 as the multimedia specialist. In 1999, she began teaching courses as an adjunct instructor and became a full-time instructor in 2001. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Please feel free to check out her LinkedIn profile.​

Amy is married and has two daughters and a son. In her free time, she runs from cross-country meets to tennis matches, basketball games, baseball games, track meets, choir or band concerts...you get the picture. She loves to run, be on the lake and work in the yard.

Amy finds the educational environment to be exciting, challenging and very rewarding. She truly wants each student to be successful. Your educational experience should be a memorable and fun journey so that you are willing to continue that through your entire life. Amy wants you to be passionate about your career choice, so you can be truly successful.

The mission of the Multimedia Design Technology department is to develop and nurture the creativity, passion, and industry knowledge required for meaningful employment.​

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.