‚ÄčAssociate of Science (AS) Degree

Associate of Science degrees are 60-64 semester credits in length with courses approved by both Ridgewater College and four-year colleges and universities. They may be awarded for successful completion of a program designed for transfer to a baccalaureate major in a related scientific or technical field, or may be designed for employment. An AS degree must have at least one articulation agreement between the college awarding the AS degree and a four-year institution awarding a related baccalaureate degree. Recipients of the AS degree will be prepared to transfer to baccalaureate majors in the same field.

Students seeking an AS degree will meet some, but not all, of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) goal areas as part of their degree requirements. The AS Degree must include a minimum of 30 semester credits in general education. General education must be selected from at least six of the ten goal areas of the MnTC. The AS degree must transfer pursuant to the terms and conditions of the articulation agreement, and the MnTC courses within the AS degree must transfer to any MnSCU college or university.

Requirements for the Associate of Science degree:

The Associate of Science degree will include a maximum of 60 to 64 semester credits numbered at 100 and above, including at least 30 from the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). A majority of the transfer education courses shall be prerequisites to or specifically supportive of courses in the major.

The prerequisite and required courses of the student's curriculum precludes completion of the entire MnTC. The student's transfer needs will be best met, however, through completion of as many of the MnTC's ten goals as possible within the 60 to 64 credit framework of the A.S. degrees. Orientation and a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) or higher are required.

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