Students choosing the PSEO track typically take their Ridgewater courses at one of our beautiful campuses, online, or some combination of both. Taking Ridgewater courses as a PSEO student immerses you into the college classroom, and the college experience. Through PSEO, high school students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade learn and study alongside regular Ridgewater students in classes taught by credentialed college instructors. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I need to be on campus every day?

It depends on the schedule that you have each semester. We would work with you to try and arrange a schedule that best fits your needs.

Can I participate on a part-time basis?

Yes, you can enroll in one class, up to a full-time credit load. The program is very flexible!

Can I enroll in PSEO in 10th grade?

10th grade PSEO students can take ONE career or technical education course during their first semester.  To be eligible to do so, they must be enrolled in a public school, have a minimum of a "proficient" score on the 8th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test for reading and meet the assessment prerequisites set for the course that must be met by all students. If a student successfully completes the technical course with a C or higher, the student can take additional courses as long as he or she meets the assessment requirement for those courses.

Can I enroll in Liberal Arts and Science courses as PSEO?

High school students who wish to take Liberal Arts and Sciences courses (Transfer Education) must rank in the upper 1/3 of their class as a junior or earn a score above the 70th percentile on a test such as the ACT or SAT. Seniors must be in the upper 1/2 of their class or score at or above the 50th percentile on a test such as the ACT or SAT. Course placement will be determined by the New Student Assessment Testing. See detailed admission criteria for technical program requirements.

Can I still participate in my high school activities?

Yes, you can! Just be sure that when you are registering for classes you create a schedule that allows you to get to your high school activities. As an added bonus, Ridgewater also has many activities you can take advantage of!

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.