​​PSEO Classes Available for
10th graders

ADS1053Excel ​3
​AGRI1550​Intro Ag Bus​2
​AGRI1810​Animal Science​3
AVT1602Soldering/Cable Assembly​1
CMAE1514​Safety Awareness​2
​CMAE1526​Maint. Awareness​2
​CNA / Certified Nursing Assistant​3
​CST1001​Solv Computer Prob​2
​CST1021​HTML and the Web​3
​​CST1700​Fund Networking (CISCO)​3
​CST1794​Intro to Programming​3
DRFT1502​CAD I​3
​DRFT1503​Interpret Engr Drawings​2
​ECED1125​Child Development​3
​EDA1020​Sign Lang I​2
​ELEC1814​Electronics 1​3
HIMC1120Medical Terminology​3
MACT1801​Fund Prec Mfg​2
MMDT1008​Intro.to Computer Graphic​3
​MMDT1010​Typography/Color Theory​3
​MSM1101​Princ of Mktg​3
​PHOT1017​Intro Digital Camera​3
​VNTE1000Intro Vet Science​1
WELD1312 ​Welding Processes​2
​WELD1314​Gas Weld/Braze/Cut​1
​WELD1316SMAW Shop 1​2
*On a space available basis

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.