Important Student Policies

Students are expected to comply with all regulations established by the administration, faculty and students for the benefit of the total campus community.  Please take the time to read through these important policies.

Student Code of Conduct

ater College students are expected to conduct themselves as mature citizens both on and off campus.  Click here to read the Student Code of Conduct Policy. 

Academic Integrity

As a student, you are responsible for acting with integrity at all times.
  Students are expected to submit work that is their own, not plagiarized, assisted, or fabricated, including cheating on assigned work.  Click here to read more about Academic Integrity.

Disruptive & Inappropriate Behavior

As outlined in Article III, Point B, Conduct—Rules and Regulations any student found to have attempted to commit misconduct in circumstances falling under the jurisdiction of this Code may be subject to disciplinary sanctions as outlines in the Article.  This includes, but not limited to the disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings, college activities—both on and off campus or other authorized non-College activities where conduct can happen on campus.

Click here to read more about how you can prevent disruptive and inappropriate behavior.

Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence is an intolerable intrusion into the most personal and private rights of an individual, and is prohibited in the Minnesota State system.  Each student is required to be enrolled into the Sexual Violence Awareness & Training course found within D2L-Brightspace.  Click here to read more about Ridgewater's Sexual Violence policy.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.