Dropping or Withdrawing

Dropping/Withdrawing from a Course

For courses that start the first week of the semester, a student may drop these courses through the first five (5) business days of that semester to receive a tuition adjustment. For courses that do not start the first week of the semester, a student has the right to attend one class and still retain the right to drop the course. The drop must be accomplished within one business day following the first day of the course. Students may drop courses through the online registration process.

After the drop period of a term has elapsed, a student has the right to withdraw from a course through the online eService’s process. Withdrawal dates for each course can be viewed in the online course schedule.

Dropping a course could affect your financial aid.  If you plan to drop a course, please check with a financial aid counselor to understand your rights and responsibilities.  Course withdrawals are noted with a “W” on your transcript and can impact financial aid, F1 Visa status, health insurance, scholarships, and athletic eligibility.  If you have questions about dropping or withdrawing from a course, please speak with your advisor.

Total Withdrawal from your Courses

If you’ve decided to withdraw completely from Ridgewater College (stop attending all classes), you must contact the Registration Office at 320-222-5200.  If you stop attending classes, but do not officially withdraw, you will receive an “F” in all of your courses.  For further information about withdrawing from Ridgewater College, please review the Student Handbook.  

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.