D2L - Brightspace

Accessing D2L-Brightspace

The link to access D2L-Brightspace is found in the Student Portal.  Once you log in with your StarID and password, you’ll see your list of courses on the right.  

Top 3 Things to Remember about D2L:

  1. Helpful videos:  Under the My Courses list are links to helpful tutorial videos.  If you are new to D2L-Brightspace or if this is your first online course, your instructor expects that you are comfortable navigating within D2L-Brightspace prior to the start of your course.  Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these short videos.  
  2. Access on First Day of the Semester:  Unless a faculty member gives early access, students receive access to their online courses on the first day.
  3. Check your Ridgewater e-mail:  Because this is an online course, communication is done primarily through e-mail.  Check it often.  

D2L-Brightspace Help Desk

Under the Resources tab in D2L, you’ll find a link to the D2L Help Desk.  If you have problems with D2L and need assistance, the Help Desk is available 7-days a week (except holidays), and are open extended hours most days of the week.  

Feel free to call them at any time for assistance.

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