‚ÄčAdditional Expenses

Living Expenses
Average estimated living expenses may range between $3500 - $4500 for the academic school year.

Parking on campus
All employees and students who park a vehicle in college parking lots are required to purchase and display a current parking permit on their vehicle.

Students will be charged $2.05 per registered credit, up to a maximum of $32.80 per semester. If a student owns and drives more than one vehicle to the campus, upon proof of ownership, additional vehicle permits for use by the student only may be purchased for $1. Vehicles with current "student" permits may be parked in student parking lots.

Parking Regulations

Structural or procedural changes in the parking lots shall have input from the student senate, faculty and staff.

Other Fees & Special Costs
A student association fee of approximately .31 per credit will be assessed for technical and transfer credits. Some technical programs may have additional tool/book requirements ranging from $250 to $1200. Some programs also charge a lab fee which may range from $30 to $165 per year. Please check with a college counselor for individual program details.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.