Aubrie Uecker '04 - Research and Development Food Technologist

Making An Impact​

Aubrie Uecker ’04 – Research and Development Food Technologist       


Aubrie Uecker, Ridgewater Class of ’04, is an Associate Food Technologist at Jennie-O Foods in Willmar, Minnesota

   “I chose to attend Ridgewater College for the Veterinary Technology Program because I heard that Ridgewater is one of the best colleges for this program at a very reasonable price. I thought the Veterinary Technology program was an excellent program.  I learned a lot and made lasting relationships there. The classes were affordable and the quality of the education seemed to be far superior to those in similar programs. It was close and convenient.  I was familiar with campus and appreciated the convenience, so I continued to take classes at Ridgewater when I knew they would transfer on to my other degrees.” – Aubrie

At Ridgewater: 2002 – 2004 – AS degree in Veterinary Technology


Aubrie attended Ridgewater College right after high school. She chose Ridgewater College, because of the reputation of the Veterinary Technology program and the close proximity to her hometown.


     “I received a gold cord in the Veterinary Program…I was very proud of that, because I felt I worked very hard inside and outside of the classroom.” - Aubrie

After Ridgewater:

2013 to current – Research and Development Food Technologist – Jennie O – Willmar, Minnesota
2012 to 2013 – Associate Food Technologist in Research and Development – Jennie O – Willmar, Minnesota
2007 to 2012 – Technician and Sr. Pilot Plant Technician – Jennie O - Willmar, Minnesota
2011 – B.S. degree in Animal Science and Industry with a Food Science and Business minor – Kansas State University
2004 to 2007 – Veterinary Technician – South 71 Veterinary Clinic – Willmar, Minnesota
2005 to 2008 – A.A. degree in Liberal Arts – Ridgewater College

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.