Photography Club

Photo Club is an organization of the students of the Ridgewater College Photography Program. Photo Club is designed to address these five aspects:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Service Project
  3. Social Gathering
  4. Learning
  5. Real World Preparedness

Fundraising is achieved through things such as Santa and Easter Photos. Money raised by the group will help differ each student’s payment towards things such as MPPA membership, Convention, etc. Photo Club members volunteer for service projects in the community to give back and help share their many talents and abilities. Social aspects include getting to know one another, bridging gaps between the two classes, being good mentors, and helping each other in areas of photography, classes, etc. Learning stems from the passion for photography the group has. Different activities help all gain a better understanding of photography. Finally, preparing for real world photography situations are addressed through the Photo Club. Initiative and motivation by each member are very important. Different aspects of Photo Club are designed to mock a real life business situation, one example of which is Santa and Easter Photos.

In the case of an absence during Santa and/or Easter photos, a monetary proportion will be determined and deducted from that student by the officers and instructors. Unforeseen circumstances can arise and will be taken into consideration.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.