‚ÄčNursing Club

mission statement:

The mission of the Hutchinson Nursing Club is to offer students enrolled in nursing an opportunity in which to find and provide support, information, service and learning opportunities, camaraderie and friendship.

Objectives and Goals:


1.  To promote standards of practical and professional nursing on campus.
2.  To provide a network for students in the nursing major.
3.  To develop leadership skills in the field of nursing.
4.  To develop a sense of individual responsibility.
5.  To allow the opportunity to appreciate and implement the obligations of citizenship while being a nurse.
6.  To develop an appreciation of civic and social obligations of those engaged in nursing.


1.  To recognize students engaged in nursing education through membership in a club.
2.  To assist students in establishing realistic education and career goals.
3.  To create an enthusiasm for becoming a life-long learner.
4.  To develop the ability of students to plan, organize, and carry out meaningful activities and projects together using the democratic process.
5.  To benefit the Ridgewater College by interacting with other college clubs and activities.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.