Club Travel and Accessing Student Life Allocated Dollars
Club Travel Checklist
1. Before any arrangements are made you must Complete the Travel Authorization Form and submit to your Dean/Supervisor. Once fund use is approved, you are clear to make travel arrangements with the appropriate vendors.

2. Complete and submit the Requisition Form(s) for travel expenditures to your Dean and copy the Director of Student Life. Forward the following completed forms to the Student Life Director a minimum of 10 days prior to travel: 

3. Once funds are approved, you are clear to make travel final arrangements with the appropriate vendors.
4. If students need to drive a state vehicle for college/club business or rent a vehicle through an approved outside vendor. they must complete the Vehicle Use form. Forms must be submitted it to Sherri Nelson in Human Resources to be cleared for driving. This background check can take up to 2 weeks in some cases so please plan ahead. This background check is good for 1 academic year.
Club Purchases (non-travel)
If your club is hosting an activity or making a supply purchase that requires a purchase of goods on or off campus with Student Life club (non-fundraising) dollars. Please follow the prescribed protocol to ensure the proper planning and timing necessary to process payment. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks prior to when the items or activity is held to ensure proper payment protocol.
1. Advisors must complete and submit to the Director of Student Life a Requisition form.
You cannot obligate the college for expenses without prior approval via a requisition and encumbrance and contracts must be in place and fully executed before any work can be done, where required.
2. If the purchase is over $2​00.00, your Dean/Supervisor must approve/sign the Requisition form prior to submitting it the Director of Student Life.
If in doubt, contact the Director of Student Life regarding any questions on Club travel or Club spending.

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